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Fish Tales and Tips

Fish Tales and Tips

I know Its that time of the year:)

by Pennie Montgomery on 01/03/17

Yep its that time of year. Web orders for Quick slick tape and rubber gates are coming in even before some dealers ever order their arrow rest. I don't know if these bowfishers have a heads up on the weather or if they are just anxious to get on the water. But which ever is true; I have learned to just start packaging up merchandise. 'Bowfishing  season is starting!' Some say they are still using the same gate it came with 5 years ago and others put a new one on every season it's what ever works for you. Good Luck everyone and have a great 2017 Bowfishing  Season.

Merry Christmas

by Pennie Montgomery on 12/13/16

I would like  to take this time to say Thanks to our Pro-staff family past and present our customers and all our fellow bowfisherman who keep this great sports growing. 

Merry Christmas and God bless and protect you and yours.
Bill and Pennie Montgomery

Fish logo web page search

by Pennie Montgomery on 08/01/16

IMPOTANT NEWS UPDATE>>>>>>>>Fish logo web page search
Hey guys, Matt Mayfield ran a logo search contest  on FaceBook and it looks like a good ole southern Louisiana girl is the winner. Congratulations Brittany Poencot of Houma Louisiana.

Whats in your Quiver?

by Pennie Montgomery on 04/11/16

Just curious to know what you put in your Quick Draw Quiver. 

Billy made a comment that I ought to take a picture of all I can squeeze in my Q.D. quiver pocket because no one would believe it but instead I am posting Tony Perotti picture his is much cooler. But because I would like to know what all you put in your Quick draw Quiver I will list just a few  necessary items I carry in my Q.D.Quiver side pocket and they are.....Travel pocket sizes of bug repellent, first aide kit, Bed-Bath & beyond hand lotion,Sanitizer gel (vanilla/lemonscented).  Wet ones single packets. My purple good luck gloves a beanie( because I get cold) sunglasses, key-chain-light w/extra truck key. water proof cellphone bag w/ phone and rechargeable cell pocket booster along with a emery board finger nail clippers my Dad's pocket knife and Oooh a must have is a tube of lip balm, tic-tacs, aspirin and tums. Yes, I know extra points, nocks, Q.D. Glue Q.D accessory package, nock pliers are a must have also. So that's why Billy always brings extra.

Are You Ready to Bowfish!!!!!

by Pennie Montgomery on 03/29/16

Bowfishermen what tips do you have on how you pre-pare your equipment, boat and etc. You can post pictures on Quick Draw Face book page or send quickdrawoutdoorgear@yahoo.com or even post your individual expertise to this  blogs link. 

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Quick Draw Ask.. what do you think about our Web site?Love the Pictures!
FAQ page is helpful.
I like the new blog.
2010 Pennie Introducing Quick Draw to The Trade industry for the first Time.
2010 Sam Montgomery researching our first Quiver Prototype 
2009 Cody Montgomery enjoying research and development before we launched the first Quick Draw to the public.
2010 Keith helping out with research for our Quick Draw Rest.
2010 Billy more research for our Quick Draw Rest.
Tales & Tips 
2010 Keith always helping out with research for our Quick Draw!
First year to have Bikini Bowfishing to include Quick Draw Rest 2012
First time ever a
 customer had a tattoo of our logo 
inked (:soooo so cool Kristi:) 
2013 the year the pink Rest was launched
First Quick Draw prototype filled the boat many times! 2008

Marty Mcintyre --Tx. Ready for 2016 B.F. Season

Tony Perotti
Dan Ashley
Joey Long
Joey Long"Whats in your Quiver?"
Ryan Teitloff

Zac Miller
Go ahead Scott! you Got almost as me:)
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