Caution: Tying your line to the back of an arrow can cause dangerous snap back.Quick Draw Outdoor Gear does not endorse this practice.
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Quick Draw Pro-staff Information: 
(NOT Excepting application until Feb 2018) Thanks goes to all that sent in your 2017 applications!

(​Application process has ended for 2017 please resubmit  Feb 2018)
Quick Draw Pro-Staff are chosen by application. 
Quick Draw Pro-staff are volunteers and not paid employees. 
Quick Draw Pro-staff receive promotional items, products and discounts for extra products (not to be purchased for friends, etc)

Pro Staff: Qualifications and requirements

Quick Draw Outdoors is looking for passionate, personable and experienced bowfishers who will respect the resources and fellow bowfishing community. Who will use Quick Draw products and promote them. They must strive to have the highest integrity, a good reputation, exhibit good sportsmanship, conservationist, set a good example to the community and fellow bowfisherman, be law abiding and enjoy sharing the outdoor experiences with others. We look forward to having a close relationship with our Pro-Staff, which will actually become a partnership and a win-win for all.

Application Process:

1.  Complete info for application and submit it to:
2.  Application must have : Name, mailing address, email address, cell phone, home phone & shirt size.
3.  Application must have : Basic information of bowfishing experiences with Quick Draw products. 
4.  Application must have : Experiences you have acquired  that qualifies you as a representative in the sport of bowfishing.

NOTE: Submitted pictures  using our products may  be included on our web page. 
Pictures and applications will only be excepted through


We would like to announce 2017 Pro-staff and our new edition Pro-staff Coordinators Darrell and Tammy Schreiber.
  Tammy and Darrell both have excepted the position and we are blessed to have them. They love the outdoors experiences and run a company Carpe Diem Outdoors, which they use to produce photos, videos and writing articles sharing their knowledge and hunting trip adventures. 

We would also like to welcome our new 2017 Pro-staff. 
We received application from all over. The experience and passion for the sport was impressive. It was difficult to pick just a few out of so many but I know from reviewing these application that the sport of bowfishing is in good hands. 

Good luck and Thanks to all that applied. 
​Bill Pennie Montgomery

2017 Prostaff​
1) Josh Taylor –--- TN.
2) Kyle Cross-------IN
3)Charles Ezell------MI  
4) Dale Gold--------KY. 
5) Ken Lister ---- ----AL. 
6)Joey Long ----------KY
7) Lance Altenthal – MO.
8) Jordan Moritz------KS
9)Tony Perotti------IL
10.Tony Reeves-------TX.
11) Chris Rhodes-----MO. 
12)Jace Scarbrough--TX.
13)William Truscott--MI
14Chad Uhls- ---------KY
15)Lance Wheeler--MN.
16)Nick Wright------IA.
17. Tanner Webster -IN

Upright Bowfishing---OK. (Chris Parker)
Team Out Clubbin –KY (Tedd Moffett, Lance Moffett, Nick Wahl, Josh Neal)
Team Night Addiction—AL. Jake Jones, Cody Goldman, Justin Aaron, Jeremy Bryant
Team Quick Draw-WA. Scott Estes, Clayton Davey